What are Pool Parties?


Hosing scene from a pool party in Angeles City

Pool parties are events taking place in locations with large swimming pools and outdoor spectator areas, typically hotels and gastronomic venues. Subic Bay and Angeles City are the two prime cities hosting such events. The basic concept is: bargirls and freelancing escorts signup for free to parttake in those events. They are required to perform dances in skimpy outfits or wearing nothing but a tiny micro bikini. In return they receive free food and drink and the opportunity to meet with paying guests. Guest in return pay around 1000 Piso for admission. It allows them to use swimming facilities, free food and booze are provided. Patrons can watch dance shows and make direct contact with performer. Part of the event includes contest with dancing and performing. Winners and runner-ups receive cash rewards up to 10 000 Piso and vouchers for goods.


Acrobatic splits in thong are part of drunk bargirls exercise units during most parties

On the bottom line pool parties in Angeles City are a networking events between bargirls and patrons who wish to find out the working places of their favorites. It's a great business for the employers of bargirls as they receive free advertising for their establishments on Fields Avenue. In some cases patrons are even able to make direct contacts with girls. Bars are cut out off their commissions and barfines. It's a free world: Cheap Charlies love pool parties. Such events were previously called wet t-shirt competitions, but because of the high degree of nudity they were abandoned in 2006. Ever since pool parties have taken over the lewd event scene in the Phills.

Performers are restricted to wearing bikinis, at least. But with free booze flowing all the time nudity is more than just natural. While they are tame they are more exciting that wet t-shirts parties because the audience has more contact with attending and performing females. To find out next dates for pool shows, simply visit Philippine webguides like PI Monger.

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