Club Atlantis and Dollhouse AC

Group of dancers start their show

Fields Avenue in Angeles City - the two largest adult nightclubs are located right next to each other. Atlantis being the biggest one with 3 levels of adult entertainment. Twice weekly Atlantis offers themed shows like 'Brazilian Thong Parties' or 'Bodypainting Contests'. This nightclub used to be very photo-friendly. Customers were able to take photos during shows. They even entertained photo shootings every Wednesday night.


For first time visitors to Angeles City or the Philippines in general, observing shows and erotic dancers in Club Atlantis is a unique experience. My friend Hagen from Sweden took a couple of snapshots from a bikini show and provided them for our blog. I hope it does give a proper representation of what visitors may expect from visiting the Phills for a week of rambling and rolling. Unfortunately, free photography licenses have been suspended in most agogo clubs. The events are great entertainment if one love to watch amateurs perform on stage for the first or second time without too much rehearsing. All is very improvised. Dresses and shoes are either one size to big or too small and dances are not all synchronous.

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fisheye lens
Erotic upskirt fisheye lens shot showing large stage space and balcony
Cowboy girls
Inside Dollhouse bar. Cowboy girls dance in bikini and hot pants.
Club Atlantis and Dollhouse AC
Costumes and uniform dancers inside Dollhouse AC.
Club Atlantis and Dollhouse AC
This spotlight dancer was lazy. She loved to lean back and let her cousins get more attention.
Club Atlantis and Dollhouse AC
While music plays spotlight girls dance for a song to attract gentlemen in audience to pay them ladydrinks.
bikini kitten
Blue contacts and pink bikini: stunning spotlight dancers catches eyes for possible barfine.

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