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Bargirl pornstar
Claudia, a bargirl from Angeles City gets exposed. Members are able to find out where she works and how much to pay for a barfine (Party Animal). Some of the nude Pinay models have worked as pornstars for Filipino XXX sites before.
Some sites are not porn, but fit a more interesting niche like PI Monger. It's a small community that is being setup by a punter for other punters and Philippine addicts. A monger/punter is a person who is a sex addict and lives a lifestyle of a Playboy on a small scale. Mongers commit women with money. Little money in a Third World country like The Philippines attracts a lot of female talent who want to have a bit of wealth from a hot guy. PI Monger shares information about this Third World Playboy paradise where pussy is cheaper than a decent meal at a Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles or London. Need more info?


Body Painting
Bargirls with a paintjob smile to attract customers. Visitors are able to invite them for a ladydrink and some other activities for a small fee. Grab a Filipina teen for an exotic vacation.
The website is rather new with less than 2 years on it's back, but it's webmaster is working hard on building a new community of fellow bargirl lovers. Unlike similar boards he does not rely on bullshit wannabe or bar owners/managers to populate his board by building up ego and business, but he goes out to battle ground in the bars of Angles City, Subic and Manila to find willing talent himself and gets them exposed in videos and photos. Some trips take him to Sabang, Puerto Galera and Cebu. It's pretty decent content and considering the low subscription price of less than 10 bucks a month worth every penny. I really hate to make a sales call, but compared to other Philippine monger sites, this is a very dynamic place to observe. The webmaster contacted me about a year ago in a very friendly way to look at his site and I told him his site needed a lot of improvement. I thought his content management system lacked features and updates were kind of slow. Most guys would have slapped me right in the face with a leather belt, but the guy said: "I know, we are working on it". Some time later I got an email "we changed a lot and added more bargirl pussy - please, take a look." And indeed, there is a lot more stuff online and it's much easier to work with than before. PI Monger is easy to navigate and amateur Filipina photos and videos are all over the site. A typical setup for a video update would be a hotel room photo shoot with three bi-sexual bargirls from Valhalla bar on Fields, Angeles City. Girls would dance and strip, then get into serious lesbian play. Videos are in synch with music. While community forums are slow, there are various guides with good advice for sex travelers to Asia and the Philippines. First time visitors will find this advice helpful when meeting girls, paying barfines or selecting a quality hotel for their sex vacation in the Philippines. Visit site here:
Lesbian amateurs
Finding lesbians in the Phills is a difficult task. It may look easy when observing this image, but it takes a lot of effort. PI Monger tells secrets about finding bi-sexual Pinay girls for threesome and sandwich sex in Angeles bars.

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