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Recent changes in video streaming technologies have created opportunities for webcam sites from the Philippines despite connectivity problems that occur from time to time. Older Java based websites are going out of business, but newer sites based on Flash and other video streaming technology are emerging. While this Asian chat segment is over-saturated with many portals offering basically the same models, this structural technology shift removes many older sites and improves more active portals. One of the newest offers comes from Asian CamSex. It offers lesser amount of babes compared to Asian Babe Cams, but the ones online seem to be very eager to interact with visitors. They know how to put up shows when requested to perform. Let's face it: many models have questionable motives on those portals. They are not really looking to perform sexual shows with satisfactory results, but are more interested in finding foreign boyfriends and future husbands. However, such dating sideways are against regulations of most cam portals. Models on ACS seem to be well aware of it and they do like to perform.


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Having said that Asian CamSex looks fresh with a new liquid design and sharing buttons for social networks. Video streams are decent and more clear than before. They still lack clarity, size and speed compared to cam portals with European and American model, but one has to compare this with reality since the Philippines are still a third world country with poorly built data highways. Writing a review about a webcam portal is next to impossible. The girls are neither employees nor contractors of websites, but they are freelancers who connect and interact with customers directly. Platforms just provide a technical solution for broadcast and billing. They do monitor hostesses for legal age and try to filter out fraud and scams, but they are not instructing the girls to perform in whatever way. In some regards this is bad because some performers could use a little bit of help with their webcams and lights, but in other ways it preserves this unique amateur feeling Asian cam sites provide.
Private chats are charged at 1 credit per minute for what we could find out. It's a very easy formula: 1 credit = 1 Dollar = 1 Minute. Free memberships are enough to allow sniffing private camgirl profiles. Loads can be applied by secure credit card charges starting at 20 bucks. There are no rebills and customers do not need to worry about cancelling. As long as you don't charge again, you are on the safe side.

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