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The images tells all: Filipina girls just want to have fun

Some months ago Eduardo from a British internet company mentioned photos should have a text on them similar to meme photos. Well, that's why I wrote this text on the image. I wanted to find out if search engines like Yahoo and Google are capable of reading text on images. LOL. Now, you know they can. Anyhow, there are chances somebody might have used the photo for their Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese website to claim they were of other nationalities. The image shows a beauty contest from Pampanga. Contestants were parading in tight bikinis and other outfits during loud beats of music inside a Fields night club. It was pretty entertaining. Similar contests take place almost every month, during peak tourist season even more often.


More images from ifilipinas dot com can be found here:
Ifiliinas was a great source of amateur photography from Angeles City and other parts of the Philippines.

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