Crystal Palace Bar

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Crystal Palace AC
Starting at 18:00h every night it's showtime inside the palace. Spotlight girls present their flesh in micro bikinis.

One of the largest bars in Angeles City. Unlike other bars it's not located on the main strip Fields Avenue, but on nearby Real Street adjacent to A. Santos Street. The four story building was first opened for business as "Pickup Disco", but later leased to a different group of investors running bars like Dollhouse and Club Atlantis. Crystal Palace is very popular due to it's large line-ups of dancers and spotlight performers. Their employees are called "princesses" during performances on stage. It's mostly frequented by Asian customers from Japan and Korea. Westerners and locals are welcome without prejudice.


Chilling in this club is cool as Crystal Palace offers more variety than most Filipino agogo bars. The amount of beautiful dancers is overwhelming. This spectacular sight of flesh receives even more focus due to the architecture of this building. Customers are within respectful reach of dancers. They have the choice to sit downstairs if they wish to stare up or to look down at them with higher privacy from upper levels. Many customers on the higher levels are so happy to tip dancers by throwing down bundles of money to the dance floor.

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Legend tells dancers from Crystal Palace bar were some of the first performers of a porn site named Filipina Sexdiary that was later renamed to Asian Sex Diary (don't miss to read our review). Producer John Tron lived in Plaridel at that time and made it a custom to visit Crystal Palace every day for happy hour. He found plenty new talent for his sex tapes. Of course, back then nobody knew he would produce porn movies with some of the most beautiful talent from this bar. Drinks here are pretty much average and it's best to ask a floor manager for help when finding girls for a ladydrink or barfine as most will wait to be approached. They are not as forward going naughty as in other bars.

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Solo dancing Filipino style: Crytal Palace spotlight dancer Princess combines local nightclub dancing with agogo entertainment. Showtime!
Crystal Palace Bar
Most days two floors are packed with bikini clad ladies. They are all "available".

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