Naked Insurance Broker

Insurance agent
Ivette is an insurance agent for life policies and corporate accidents.
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She might need a policy for herself. her bathrooms selfies were compromised. But they were decent.
naked agent
ooops! Now, that's a hell of a naked insurance sales lady.
In nature it's very discriminating to post naked selfies of a female insurance broker. Would I have posted that if she were a boy? Hmmm, yes of course, but I don't run a tomboy blog. Discrimination is a compliment here because Ivette is one of the most attractive policy femmes from NCR. You might run inot her on a Filipino Friendfinder website as shw constantly makes online appointments with handsome and rich real estate brokers and big shots alike. Once she met a handsome Canadian guy who shot a movie with her on Asian Sex Diary (review here). She didn't know about it until he confronted her about it. He offered to pay her for the credentials to her social profiles and the right to her sex tape. Makati lady Ivette was happy and agreed if she were able to pick another stage name for her indecent exposure. Well, she is easy to find. As a business lady she sticks out from the rest of Angeles City streetmeat. Nigel wouldn't be able to score with her.


She did this selfie nude to get a date or one-night stand with a rich man from a Makati City condominium developer.
condo agent
He called and made a date with her. She is on her way, now.

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